A question that I regularly receive is, “How do I use my crypto when a majority of merchants are not accepting crypto yet?” That is a valid question because the crypto revolution is here to stay but in reality it is just getting started. There are an increasing number of companies that are recognizing the competitive advantage that accepting cypto currency offers. Obviously, it opens them up to new opportunities and income streams. But if a merchant does not yet accept crypto currency directly there is a simple work around that I will suggest. 

 Many people that have looked into crypto to any degree have heard of Coinbase(https://www.coinbase.com). Coinbase is the initial entry into the crypto world for many. This is because Coinbase has streamlined the crypto purchase process with a very intuitive user interface. They make it very easy for you to link your bank accounts in their application and exchange Fiat currency for crypto currency. They offer many features both for individuals and companies.  

 For instance you can setup recurring payments in their system so that you dollar cost average into crypto. Did you know you can also pledge your Bitcoin (BTC) as collateral for a loan? You can but it is only available in a limited number of states at this time. Also you can have your paycheck direct deposited into Coinbase and have the funds automatically acquire crypto such as Bitcoin. Pretty cool I think! 

 But another service they offer is a Visa debit card issued by MetaBank, based out of Iowa and South Dakota. It is very easy to apply for the debit card in your Coinbase app, and there is no credit check involved. You can spend either the fiat currency or the crypto in your Coinbase account and this is controlled within the app. You can also choose your rewards which apply whether you spend the crypto or the fiat. Currently you can receive 1.5% back in Bitcoin. But there are other options like 4% back in Stellar Lumens. You decide!  

 So with this Coinbase debit card you can spend your crypto anywhere Visa is accepted. In our experience Coinbase has made the issuance and use of their debit card “falling off a log” simple.  

 There are other options available in the Blockchain community for both credit cards and debit cards and we plan to do a comparison on them in the near future but we felt that we would convey our positive experience with the Coinbase debit card so that you may determine if this solution is right for you. 

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