Good Video by Mark Moss before today’s CPI Print

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Moss for a few minutes at this year’s Miami Bitcoin Conference. He released this video last night prior to the CPI (Consumer Price Index) report that came out this morning showing a 8.6% year over year increase in USD prices. Mark really hammers home that the players in charge of the central banks and treasuries are either incompetent or lying[corrupt]. I am in the later camp. The short video of Christine Lagarde that Mark inserts is telling.

I can’t help but think back to the early eighties when I was in high school. Seems so long ago but in Civics and History classes we learned that central planning was an important tenant of communist societies. While it is true that we had the central banks back then the cabal has significantly increased it’s stranglehold on our country (and the world) and we are also much further down the road of the doomed fiat monetary scheme. 

I hope you enjoy the below 15 minute video and hope you have a great weekend as well. All the best…Chris



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