Welcome to Blockchain Advisors LLC! Are you ready to future-proof your business and stay ahead of the competition?

  • Don’t get left behind like Blockbuster. 
  • By expanding your payment options to include Bitcoin, you can remain relevant and attract customers who want to use their Bitcoin for transactions. 
  • With Bitcoin, you can avoid the pain of chargebacks, long settlement times, and costly reconciliation processes. 
  • By accepting Bitcoin, you can beat inflation and potentially save costs compared to credit cards. 
  • Don’t wait for a banking crisis to get started! Get ahead of the game and expand your customer base by accepting Bitcoin payments today!

"Bitcoin is the only money in history that is optimized for moving value across space and time" - Robert Breedlove

Accepting Bitcoin – Benefits

  • Attract sales from new customer segments

  • Increase average sales price on crypto transactions since studies show a 100% increase in average sales price with crypto

  • No settlement times compared to credit card

  • No chargebacks

  • Transaction charge is much less than credit cards

  • Prepare your company for a decentralized future

  • International transactions are a breeze and of minimal cost compared to international wires

Our Committment to the Customer

  • Blockchain Advisors, LLC was formed by experienced business consultants including Certified Public Accountants and Technology Professionals. 

  • We are dedicated to educating business owners, executives and high net worth individuals on Crypto and the Blockchain. 

  • We provide consulting, services and products to help our clients secure & custody crypto, develop accounting procedures and documentation of transactions, price products and receive payment in crypto and develop smart contracts to improve efficiency of operations.

Future Proof Your Business

  • The blockchain and cryptocurrency sector is just getting started but it is being adopted at almost twice the rate of the internet. We believe that one of the reasons is because of the danger that citizens perceive from the erosion of their wealth by inflation.

  • This new opportunity began in 2008 when in response to the banking crisis in America an anonymous person (or group) named Satoshi Nakamoto created a peer-to-peer payment system that is not based on having to trust a third party (bank) in order to clear the transaction.

  • The Lightning Network allows Bitcoin transactions for the future. Instant Payments, Scalability, Low Cost, Cross Blockchains.  Contact us on how to enable your business today.