Helpful Links

Market Capitalization:

Below sites are great for research as you can obtain a lot of information on each coin such as details of which exchanges offer the coin for sale, history of pricing, which block explorers to use for each coin, etc. (Market Capitalization = Price per token X circulating supply)


Exchanges below may be centralized or decentralized (typically use smart contracts to execute transaction)    (this exchange is an easy one to start with)  (may have restrictions for some US based users)

Price Indexes:

One way that crypto currencies are different than stocks is that stocks are only sold on one market (exchanges) whereas Crypto prices fluctuate across various exchanges depending on volume. Crypto Indexes aggregate pricing over exchanges to better reflect the global price of a crypto asset. This really creates a representative price.

 CBPI(CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index) is a standard reference for accounting professionals.

Block Explorers:

Blockchain Browsers may be necessary for searching transaction details.;

Some Coin Specific Links:

Whitepapers: – Bitcoin Whitepaper – Ethereum Whitepaper – Litecoin Whitepaper – Cardano Whitepaper