Have extra natural gas? Then mine you some Bitcoin!

Attached is the spring edition of “Accounts” which is a publication of the Council on Petroleum Accountants Society. Anthony Cash has contributed a great article beginning on page 12. It is a very informative and highly detailed paper. Instead of flaring natural gas to dispose of it, petroleum companies are now utilizing the natural gas at the wellhead (stranded energy) to generate electricity to mine Bitcoin (BTC). Mr. Cash states, “Oil and gas producers now have a solution to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing flaring with a new revenue stream at the wellhead.” I think it is well worth your time to read it and reflect on how Bitcoin is changing and improving a number of issues that we have faced in our society. This is a very ingenious example and there are many others. 

Full disclosure though! Anthony Cash is my cousin and he got his start as an Accountant. I always thought is was funny when I met an accountant who’s last name was “Cash”. I actually know three “Cash” accountants and my life is better for it. (:-)

Link to publication: Accounts_Spring 2022

All the best…Chris



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