Exciting Partnership Announcement!

Blockchain Advisors, LLC Announces Partnership with BlockSpaces 

Blockchain Advisors, LLC, a blockchain education and consulting company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with BlockSpaces, a B2B integration platform that connects business applications to blockchain networks.  

The BlockSpaces platform offers managed blockchain infrastructure and prebuilt connectors between various blockchain networks and business applications. In April, the company introduced Lightning Connect, a simplified, non-custodial solution designed for businesses to experience the benefits of Bitcoin with lightning-fast, low-fee, secure payment processing.  

Lightning Connect provides integration into existing ERP systems, point-of-sale systems, and e-commerce websites by using prebuilt connectors and APIs. These integrations allow businesses to easily harness the powerful features of the Lightning Network, which include fast transactions, low fees, security, privacy, and 24/7 availability.  

“It is a perfect fit for Blockchain Advisors to start offering the products and services of BlockSpaces to our valuable customers,” said Chris Carrigee, Blockchain Advisors President. 

“We are very excited about the long-term prospects of working with a company with a strong business and integration background that is dedicated to the blockchain ecosystem,” said Dave LaMarre, BlockSpaces Director of Strategic Partnerships. 

Blockchain solutions have generated tremendous interest and activity from developers, enterprises, venture capitalists, regulators, and consumers alike. Blockchain Advisors has solidified its relationship with BlockSpaces as they lead the way in helping businesses bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 environments.  

For more information about BlockSpaces, visit www.blockspaces.com. 

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