Deloitte survey casts a very optimistic view of Crypto adoption by Merchants

Last week Deloitte, in collaboration with Paypal, published the results of their survey on Crypto adoption by US consumer businesses with revenues from $10M to $500M in annual revenue. The intent was to understand the view of the business executives on crypto and understand the investments they have made. The survey finds that more that “85% of organizations are giving high or very high priority to enabling cryptocurrency payments.” Nearly 75% respondents reported plans to accept cryptocurrencies or stablecoins in the next 24 months” and “87% of merchants broadly agree that organizations accepting digital currencies have a competitive advantage in the market.”

The survey also touched on merchants concerns and struggles with enabling crypto payments. The report states, “They consider complexity of integration as the leading challenge.” 

The full report is linked here and you should take a few minutes to read it.

And of course the team at Blockchain Advisors is here to assist you with what the report calls “integration challenges.”


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