Bitcoin 2022: Global Bitcoin Adoption Session

Charles Cascarilla (CEO at  and Daniel Rabinovich (COO at took the main stage to discuss the partnership whereby Paxos is consulting with Mercado Libre, which is the largest Ecommerce company in Latin America. Last year they had 140 million active users buying and selling in their platform. Mercado Libre is now attempting to build the largest crypto market in Latin America and has had significant initial success with their launch in Brazil.  Latin American currently has 4 of the top 20 countries in crypto adoption( Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Mexico). Daniel stated “There are a million reasons why Latin Americans will want to enter crypto”. 

Inflation Hedging is the #1 reason for crypto adoption in Latin America. Both Bitcoin and Stablecoins are bringing people into the crypto tent and are expanding financial inclusion throughout Latin America. Good commentary to follow and the link to the session is below…

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