Bitcoin2022: Pomp and Novogratz Fireside Chat

One of the first sessions of Bitcoin2022 was the Pomp & Novogratz Fireside Chat. For those that don’t recognize those names it refers to Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and Mike Novogratz.

Pomp is an entrepreneur and technology investor who has built and sold numerous companies. He manages a portfolio that is heavily invested in the Bitcoin and Blockchain sector.

Mike is a Billionaire, former hedge fund manager with Fortress Capital and is currently founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital. Galaxy focuses on investments in the cryptocurrency space. Mike has a significant Financial background which includes leadership in Asia and Latin America.

Mike stated that “Bitcoin is a macro bet that populism will surface.” He stated that as we see trust break down in the existing financial system we see interest increasing in Bitcoin. While Bitcoin started as an experiment the adoption cycle is starting to hit breakout level. We have an increasing probability of success with Bitcoin. He also stated that we have a “God given right to store the fruits of our labor.” Mike also indicated that stablecoins are important and will help Bitcoin to be successful. With the Terra ecosystem buying a significant amount of BTC to backstop its stablecoin it helps BTC.

The full video is here and it is well worth a watch:



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