Blockchain Advisors announces Partnership with IBEX

IBEX is pleased to announce an exciting  partnership with Blockchain Advisors, LLC, a blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting company based out of Austin, Texas.

IBEX offers three product lines. IBEX PAY, IBEX HUB and IBEX Digital Wealth Management services. The PAY platform allows companies and merchants  to easily accept instant Bitcoin (BTC) payments for their goods or services. This has several benefits including instant settlement, much lower processing fees than credit cards and no chargebacks. IBEX PAY API lets any POS, processor or online marketplace integrate and receive Bitcoin payments easily with  security, privacy and 24/7 availability!

IBEX HUB solution can be thought of as a toolbox of lightning infrastructure API’s which allow enterprise clients an easy way to integrate lightning into their ecosystems. Think neo-wallets, exchanges, conglomerates etc. 

Blockchain Advisors will work directly with clients in understanding their specific needs and goals and then work to implement  the best solution for their needs. The leadership team of Blockchain Advisors has many decades of business automation, accounting and technology experience and every member of the team has been involved in the crypto and blockchain space for years. Blockchain Advisors is offering the IBEX products to all early adopters who understand the competitive advantage available with selling their goods and services in Bitcoin and adding LN infrastructure to be part of the growing global payments network. 

“The synergy that we have with Ibex Mercado has been amazing and we are extremely excited to work with them on bringing Bitcoin adoption to the masses of businesses that are interested in future proofing their businesses,” stated Chris Carrigee, Blockchain Advisors President.

IBEX is just as excited about partnering with the folks at Blockchain advisors and leveraging their many years of experience in both the legacy accounting space and future of money and the infrastructure that comes with it, Bitcoin and Lightning.