Mignon Faget Is Now Accepting Bitcoin !!

With their Spring campaign freshly bloomed, Mignon Faget turns another leaf over as they
announce their debut in the world of Bitcoin.

New Orleans, LA, March 29, 2023 – On the heels of their recent company-wide rebranding,
Mignon Faget continues to modernize its brand image by widening its payment methods to
include cryptocurrency – adding Bitcoin to the top of the list. Though not the first brand to accept
crypto in New Orleans, it certainly still feels like a major stride for New Orleans retailers and
brands. Mignon Faget stands alongside restaurants, antique stores, real estate, and even gas
stations as one of the first few leading the city into this futuristic exchange system.

A question that is sure to be on everyone’s minds following this announcement, ‘Why?”, is a
valid one. Mignon Faget has spent the last few years, leading up to and through their
rebranding, pushing themselves into the luxury jewelry market. Luxury brands around the world
are connecting with crypto as the new form of payment for high-end products and goods. Simply
put, adding Bitcoin to their payment method repertoire expands their reach within the luxury
community, allowing new leads to turn into sales.

Making paying for an investment like jewelry easier is a good thing for everyone involved.
Having the flexibility of paying with Bitcoin, Affirm, Apple Pay, and more makes purchasing
easier for the customer and broadens their horizons of brands they can connect with. In turn,
Mignon Faget can reach a new type of clientele that they might have never interacted with

Right now, Bitcoin is only available in the online checkout cart for Mignon Faget, but with a foot
in the door into the tech world anything is possible in the future! Mignon Faget launched Bitcoin
payments online on Friday, March 17th, after partnering with the crypto infrastructure company
IBEX to leverage the Lightning Network, the fastest and most secure blockchain payment
network in history. You can shop online now to experience this forward-looking payment method
for yourself!

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For over 50 years, the design house of Mignon Faget has handcrafted jewelry inspired by the
scenery around its home of New Orleans. Mignon Faget artisans are influenced by the city’s
streets that are lined with wild jasmine, wrought iron balconies, and the sparkling night sky.
Never shying away from standing out, Mignon Faget is preparing to withstand the test of time.
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