Do you have Shopify, Miva or WooCommerce as your webstore?

Attention Business Owners! If you currently run Shopify, Miva or WooCommerce you really should consider accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Here are the benefits:

  1. You will access new customers that would not have purchased from you otherwise. The amount of new customers depends on how much you market the fact that you now accept Bitcoin(BTC).
  2. Your Average Order Value (AOV) will increase dramatically. Studies show that the AOV more than doubles for customers that use Bitcoin.
  3. Your processing fees will decrease by 1.0% to 2.0%. You can expect to pay processing fees ranging from .5% to 1.5% depending on a couple factors that we are happy to discuss. 
  4. There are no chargebacks due to errors or fraud because with Bitcoin the customer is pushing the BTC to you and not being pulled like using a credit card. This alone amounts to approximately a 1% savings per year for most retailers.
  5. By accepting Bitcoin now you will become familiar with accepting digital payments other than the USD. This will be imperative in the future as we transition to a new monetary system. It is important to get the training and knowledge on how Bitcoin is different and how it is secured and utilized now. 

If you have one of the 3 ecommerce platforms mentioned above it will be very easy for you to receive Bitcoin, as payment, in your checkout screen. The configuration actually will take about an hour. But prior to this, Blockchain Advisors wants to prep your accounting team to be able to secure, track, and utilize Bitcoin all while tracking the tax ramifications. So please shoot us an email at to schedule an initial discussion. We look forward to helping you future proof your business.